Peerless Bread & Jam is a start-up bakery specializing in whole-grain naturally leavened breads and seasonal small batch jams.

PB&J is excited to be located in The Plant, a new food business incubator on the southside of Chicago.

We use freshly milled whole-grain flours from local wheat grown by Breslin Farms.

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Using up the last of the late summer/early fall fruits: Plum Raspberry Jam. Destined for Jam Bites this weekend...

Today's bread is lookin' good - just delivered to Hyde Park a Produce!

Whoops, way over-baked tea cake! It's actually really good - kind of like a cannele, super caramelized and crusty on the outside but still moist and custardy on the inside.

Time marches on...the first cranberry scone of autumn and the last jar of our pear-bay jam. We're at the Loyola Farmers Market until 7. Come on by!



Jam selection coming soon!