Peerless Bread & Jam is a start-up bakery specializing in whole-grain naturally leavened breads and seasonal small batch jams.

PB&J is excited to be located in The Plant, a new food business incubator on the southside of Chicago.

We use freshly milled whole-grain flours from local wheat grown by Breslin Farms.

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Our neighbor in the news! Nick Greens at the Plant. The video is worth wading through the ad.

Nick Greens' farm springs up in Back of the Yards
The dusty former meatpacking plant was hardly “food grade” in March when Nick Greens moved in. But now he's sprouting pallets of ”microgreens” for some of the city's top chefs.

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Go see Lawrence of @[137869376295838:274:Peerless Bread & Jam, Inc.] at @[17022422590:274:Green City Market]. He's a proud new Owner. If you're an Owner too, he's your business partner; if you're not, follow his example and get us to 1,000 soon. Also, eat Peerless breads. They're amazing.



Jam selection coming soon!