Peerless Bread & Jam is a start-up bakery specializing in whole-grain naturally leavened breads and seasonal small batch jams.

PB&J is excited to be located in The Plant, a new food business incubator on the southside of Chicago.

We use freshly milled whole-grain flours from local wheat grown by Breslin Farms.

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Plant Chicago, NFP is launching its own CSA! We're looking forward to distributing our bread as an add-on to their produce box!

Join Plant Chicago's CSA
Plant Chicago is excited to announce our new community supported agriculture (CSA) program! CSA is a way for you to invest in our farms and for us to supply you with a weekly box of delicious produce, designed for two adults. All our produce is grown right here in Chicago so you'll receive produce…
Full body suits for handling yucky insulation.

Oven masons have arrived. Form in place to support the vault.

Cool print left on the parchment too!

Glad the oven for my stove has convection. We'll have Challah - I mean Easter Bread - at Green City Market today! Made with freshly milled Kamut flour and Lonesome Stone Milling LLC's lovely sifted all-purpose flour.



Jam selection coming soon!