Peerless Bread & Jam is a start-up bakery specializing in whole-grain naturally leavened breads and seasonal small batch jams.

PB&J is excited to be located in The Plant, a new food business incubator on the southside of Chicago.

We use freshly milled whole-grain flours from local wheat grown by Breslin Farms.

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Although we won't have any bread available until the oven repairs are finished, you can still find us at Green City Market this Saturday 4/19 and 61st Street Farmers Market next Saturday 4/26. We're able to bring cookies, granola, English muffins, jam, whole wheat flour, wheat berries, red and black beans. Thanks for everyone's support!
Some of you may have already heard, but our oven has sadly suffered some structural damage and we are in the process of trying to get it fixed. The masons who built the oven will be traveling to Chicago this weekend and working over the course of the next week to make the necessary repairs. We'll keep you updated on their progress and when we'll be back up and running.

Well stated.

MICHAEL POLLAN: The invention of bread was an amazing advance, because you can’t live—you can’t survive on flour, even whole grain flour. You can survive on bread made from it. The cooking process unlocks the nutrients in that seed. And seeds have everything you need to live, but it all must be unlocked. And a slow fermentation unlocks all that, and a cooking at a high temperature. The loaf of bread itself becomes a pressure cooker. See, instead of—you’re going beyond the temperature of boiling water in a loaf of bread, and steam can get much hotter than water. And so, you’re steaming the starches, which breaks them down. It’s just the most beautiful technology. But, of course, then we screwed it up.

Michael Pollan on How Reclaiming Cooking Can Save Our Food System, Make Us Healthy & Grow Democracy
We spend the hour with Michael Pollan, one of the country’s leading writers and thinkers on food and food policy. Pollan has written several best-selling books about food, including "The Omnivore’s Dilemma," and "In Defense



Jam selection coming soon!